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Pursue your

Artistic Dreams

further your artistic dreams and pursue your passions as an artist

Yuko T. Koach

To be the best

Learn from the best
KC Beauty Academy is able to provide its student the opportunity to be involved in a multitude of experiences

  • Why KC Beauty Academy?

    • An environment that fosters creativity, open minds, and teamwork
    • A diverse staff and ability to offer a truly international experience
    • We ensure our students hands on, real world experience
    • We are certified by SEVIS to issue I-20 M1 Student Visas

Short Term Study Abroad in America

KC's study abroad program allows its students to learn the ins and outs of the hair industry for three months. Students are able to learn innovative techniques as well as immerse themselves in American culture while also learning the English language. Our mission is to foster students with open minds and impeccable teamwork, in order to prepare our students to enter the field.

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Long Term Study Abroad

The long term study abroad program at KC Beauty Academy allows students to gain an in depth education in the hair and makeup industry. The in depth approach to Hollywood hair styling techniques allows the students to gain not just fundamental knowledge but a deep understanding of the artistry needed to succeed as hair stylist.

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Hair Styling & Makeup Workshops

KC's workshops focus on specific techniques that make the difference between an ordinary hairstyle and the cutting edge of Hollywood's latest trends and techniques. The hands on approach to our workshops is to ensure students master the various techniques taught within the class.

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KC Academy Features

What's Up!?



What would you like to learn at the most?

Communication skill - 14.9%
Hair make skill - 48.9%
Obtaining license - 26.6%
Salon works - 9.6%

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Beautiful Pomme pieces. Congrats! Watch Cell Phones


congrats again!I'm so happy that they finally got the bag to you! I think it was definitely worth the wait, even though I would have gone crazy if I were you. I would have been calling everyday. "Is it there it???" I love the stephen too!



,If it's heavy, it'll probably bother you~ Congrats though!! ,

Congrats....I like gucci too. The bag seems to remind me of trevi pm.... LV

,Speedy 30:) ,

so pretty & it looks great on you. Congrats!

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Congrats! They are both real beauties. I totally agree with others about the idea of keeping both! louis vuitton wallet


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That's really disappointing to hear :[ Thanks for sharing! I remember the 25 looked great on you~ louis vuitton bags

,Sell it and get another Mahina L! I have 3 L's and would love another! louis vuitton wallet.

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