So would you say the deauvilles handles are juch longer? As in shoulder bag long? I think i may go for the deauville, the trouville looks a litle on the small size (for example it looks more speedy 25 than speedy 30- and i am a 30 kinda girl). Am I right?


Beautiful Pomme pieces. Congrats! Watch Cell Phones


congrats again!I'm so happy that they finally got the bag to you! I think it was definitely worth the wait, even though I would have gone crazy if I were you. I would have been calling everyday. "Is it there it???" I love the stephen too!



,If it's heavy, it'll probably bother you~ Congrats though!! ,

Congrats....I like gucci too. The bag seems to remind me of trevi pm.... LV

,Speedy 30:) ,

so pretty & it looks great on you. Congrats!

,The Louis Vuitton neverfull copied the St. Louis from Goyard. I'm sure many fashion brands get inspiration from each other. lv bag,

another picture louis vuitton bags


Congrats! They are both real beauties. I totally agree with others about the idea of keeping both! louis vuitton wallet


I posted a thread "LV price Decrease or Discount?" Well here is the productAnyone ready for my first PF REVEAL? louis vuitton purse


That's really disappointing to hear :[ Thanks for sharing! I remember the 25 looked great on you~ louis vuitton bags

,Sell it and get another Mahina L! I have 3 L's and would love another! louis vuitton wallet.
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